I have NEVER come across such a dedicated and knowledgeable coach. One of our biggest losses in leaving Johannesburg was leaving Rodney. The children love him. If anyone has the chance to send their kids for core strength training with Rodney they should grab that opportunity with both hands. Best coach ever. “ Sarah- Jane Murphy Jackson

This is really worth having a look at. My son Alexandra has been coached by Rodney of BMT Academy since May 2018. His progress and development since starting BMT Academy and being coached by Rodney has been excellent. It has helped Alexander tremendously at school with the various sporting activities and in the classroom. Rodney’s knowledge is amazing and the kids adore him and his classes.Claudine Adendorff Kokinis

“The exercises Rodney does have been invaluable in improving my kids flexibility, hand eye co-ordination and core strength. However, it’s the knock on benefit of visual spatial and peripheral vision the work outs have delivered that has been the hidden gem. My youngest son sees a behavioral optometrist twice a year and she could not believe the improvement in his eye movements and tracking as a result of BMT.” Kim Polley